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Destrucción se pronuncia construcción

Rodrigo Meneses | Graphics

“…every new beginning comes from where another new beginning ends.”     


Closing Time – Semisonic


As a progressive and ascending line, the globally widespread Western idea of historical progress is a narrative used to explain the succession of events in various fields (political, national, scientific, artistic, etc...) that operates as a generalized discourse in favor of of the concept of linearity.


This linear idea can be contrasted with something as close as our thought, which, however, is hidden behind the simple but effective veil of closeness and everydayness, preventing us from unraveling the complex process by which we generate ideas.


In search of a model that would detail the architecture of thought and its dynamics, the psychologist Lev Vygotsky proposed "egocentric speech" as a unit of analysis, which refers to speech to oneself that partially externalizes our thought that accompanies action. .


In this exhibition, Rodrigo Meneses creates graphic representations from  fragments of his previous creative processes, the way in which ideas are added, eliminated or expanded in an apparently erratic process, but in a visual way. Evidence of the non-linearity of thought, Meneses relocates the focus of the materiality of the work to the search for externalizing the thought process in production within the field of art, but which also underlies each of our daily actions.


Jose Tercero

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