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Espacio y Fundamentos

Elisa Urias | Graphics and Installation

“I wear black on the outside

cause black is how I feel on the inside”.

Unloveable, The Smiths


Large formats, appropriation of space through installation, recurrent figures and an enormous restlessness that took me days to name are the elements recognized in this exhibition that move the links established for years. And a tune that is repeated over and over again.


In a liquid world, where it is customary to associate the word “landscapes” with colorful images captured under a natural golden light or the millions of artificial filters in apps, Elisa Urías stops us in front of her disturbing work to look/look at ourselves inside. That internal journey that at some point in life we all must plan.


The idea of black as the misnamed “absence of color” seems to me now, after going through the graphic work, an equivocal term to avoid naming the abyss that accompanies us at home, in public space, on walls, in memories. , in what makes us up, what makes us people and not profiles. Because we can travel a chronological line, a public life with 60-second stories with the choreography of the moment, but here in the tangible world, there are artists like Elisa making our ghosts real, those that do not appear on reels and that we hide well in the TikToks.


With his graphic work, Urías places us in front of the depths and shows us the precipices, we recognize them because they are there with us, they sleep in our bed, they eat with the family, they walk by our side while whispering a tune from The Smiths. Now I invite you to peek / peek into the abysses.


Tristana Landeros

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