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Mazapanes en agosto

Rebecca Uliczka | Photography

This project talks about a part of our culture, the individual and global perception of one's own time and that of others. It refers to an alteration of our natural rhythm caused by the economic system of globalization, which affects agriculture, and is responsible for climate change, where winters are getting warmer and society decides to sell the Christmas season in August .

The Mexican haciendas are spaces that remain as a vestige of a time of economic splendor in the agricultural, beekeeping, livestock revolution and the production of tequila and
mescal. In these spaces time has passed and the trace of an ephemeral moment remains in the deterioration of its walls that shows versions of a process of transformation and adaptation to circumstances.

Time has been an important element of my life, as it reflects momentary feelings of disagreement with my environment. My father, a master watchmaker by profession, always keeps time very precisely. The most significant gift from my childhood was a wristwatch. Its purpose was to understand the value of other people's time. Time was no longer governed only by day and night, or light and darkness, but by a specific number, set by the hands of the clock.

rebecca uliczka

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