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rebecca uliczka

Berlin, 1985

Born in Berlin and raised in Mexico, she returns to Berlin to study Business Administration. Shortly after finishing this degree, he took a turn in his life and in his professional career, finding his vocation in author photography.

He forges his studies at the IDEP, Escola Superior d'Imatge i Diseny in Barcelona, and later combines them with a master's degree in Management and Analysis of Contemporary Art, focusing on the contemporary artistic photography market. With this, she reinforces her knowledge regarding photography, its development and its history, being able to interpret in a much more concrete way the path to follow to establish herself as a professional photographer later.

Their works reflect personal experiences influenced by the dialogue and clash between their cultural roots. His work captures the confrontation between the earthly and the spiritual, the material and the carnal, religion, beliefs, culture and customs – the societies that practice them and the time in which they are lived.

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