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Zona Mágica

José Ángel Robles | Painting | Sculpture | Ceramics

Entering Ache Gallery is doing it in the Magic Zone, entering this space is being surrounded by works of art.

In this case, the paintings and prints will transport us to various states of being; manifestations of the deepest part of the artist, internal landscapes that seek to produce empathy with those who go through them and see them carefully, works that seek to encourage contemplation, immerse themselves in abstractions that show the essential.

Space becomes an atmosphere that is space itself. There are pictorial elements that contribute to the perception of certain contrasts, which invite us to discover the "behind". Ceramic sculptures are also those elements; they have gained dimension, they could figure on canvases and prints, they could be part of the abstract substance.

They are integrated as an amalgamation of sensation and feeling.

The entire work constitutes the psychic interior of those who, traveling through our landscapes, reproduce them in pictorial, plastic representations.

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