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Un Tiempo en la Tierra

Ana Gomez and Federico Jordan | Ceramics

Ana Gomez and Federico Jordan | Ceramics

Ana Gomez and Federico Jordan | Ceramics

Un Tiempo en la Tierra is the trace of a set of actions that go into the mud / processes where the hands and feet knead and collect the mud // bark and dry lilies that light the fire of a primitive burning / smell that wakes up // courses that explore and reconstruct affects from the territories that surround us / that of the body / that of memory / that of shared space / that of words / ritual / materials and forms //


Although the work of Ana Gómez and Federico Jordán have different searches, in this collaboration they delve into a fluid dialogue based on ceramics, drawing and the creation of figurines, plates and vessels. Within the production room that Federico made in Ana's ceramics workshop, one of the proposals that arose when making the pieces was to create an inverse archaeology, burying the produced works, leaving them for a certain cycle underground to later observe how time occurs in them. 

From these reflections they created spontaneous burnings with collected materials and painted the ceramics with mud from San Miguel de Allende, with salt, soot and other endemic materials; that is why the works are perceived as a round trip from earth to earth; go through, dig up, elaborate topographies, dig, knead, burn, draw, restore, burn again and return to the place of origin.

Based on a continuous and rich dialogue with the artists and the gallery, the exhibition takes up elements of archaeological museography, creating mediation devices such as taxonomic nomenclatures, burials and recording of processes from photographs and video.


Time / in the opposite direction / slowing down // playful //

Earth / that clings to its horizontality in the face of any attempt to progress //


Selma Guisande


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